Springfield VA Acceledent DentistAcceledent is an orthodontic treatment, which is used to aid braces or aligner treatment. The device works by accelerating the process, hence the name Acceledent. You do not need to visit the dentist for Acceledent treatment as the device is prescribed for you to take home. The treatment takes no more than twenty minutes a day and your dentist will talk you through how to effectively use the Acceledent device. You will quickly begin to notice the difference once you start using Acceledent every day.

Acceledent has shown to be an incredibly effective aid to orthodontic treatments in a number of areas, including accelerated correction times, reduction of pain and discomfort along with ease of use. In the long term, using Acceledent will save you both money and time spent visiting your dentist. Best of all, Acceledent greatly reduces the need for surgical intervention in cases where traditional braces or aligners are ineffective. Essentially, there is no downside to using Acceledent as an aid to correcting crowded teeth.

Accelerated Tooth Movement

Lorton VA Acceledent DentistThe Acceledent device works by using small vibrations, or micropulses, to speed up orthodontic treatments such as braces or aligners. The result of these micropulses is increased acceleration in tooth movement which significantly shortens the period required for treatment to complete and show results. For busy patients, Acceledent reduces the number of dentist visits which means you have more time to take care of the important things in life. The treatment is minimally invasive and significantly reduces pain and discomfort.

Anything you can do to accelerate orthodontic treatment in a safe and effective way is worth considering. Acceledent is FDA approved, has gone through clinical trials and has shown results of accelerated tooth movement of up to 50%. The Acceledent device can only be prescribed by approved dentists, contact us today to speak to one of our dentists at Springfield Lorton Dental Group to find out if Acceledent is a good option for you.

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