Traditional Braces

For many patients, traditional braces are the most cost effective orthodontic option. Although this type of brace is the most noticeable, they are inexpensive and effective. They are referred to as either metal or traditional braces, given that this is the type of brace that is most familiar to people. Traditional braces are usually fitted in childhood when the first signs of misaligned teeth become evident.

In this modern age, traditional braces are much more effective than in the past. Better still, traditional braces now come with heat-activated brackets which make them much more effective. The refined design of modern traditional braces also reduces pain, as well as being much easier to clean than they were in the past. For a low cost, effective method of straightening crooked or misaligned teeth, traditional braces are the best option.

What are Traditional Metal Braces?

As the name suggests, this type of brace consists of a metal brace which adheres to the teeth and is held in place by metal brackets. Traditional metal braces, as a treatment, fall under the category of orthodontics. This type of brace is extremely effective for correcting overcrowding of teeth, and is a relatively inexpensive treatment. As the brace is permanently fixed, there is no concern about losing the brace and having to pay for a replacement.

The main drawback of traditional metal braces is that they are the most visible. Some patients prefer to opt for a discreet, albeit more expensive method of correcting crowded or crooked teeth. Eating also becomes problematic, as sticky food can get lodged in the braces and harder foods could end up damaging the braces. With traditional metal braces, there is a greater need to brush and floss regularly. Keeping metal braces clean is essential, as trapped food can lead to decay and staining of the teeth.

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